biblestudy: Hebrews (Part 7)

Hebrews 6:9 - 7:10
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 03-Nov-87; Sermon #BS-HE07; 86 minutes

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Many of the pillars of faith had to wait many years (Abraham, for example, waited over 25 years before he saw the beginning of the fulfillment of God's promise) for the fruition of their faith's target. With godly hope, we need to envision the possibility of successful accomplishment of God's purpose for us, realizing that God has bound that promise with an oath and that Jesus Christ (having empathy for us) intercedes for us as High Priest. Melchizedek, a prototype as well as equivalent of Christ, establishes the validity and dignity of Christ as High Priest. The divine appointment of Jesus as our High Priest precedes our divine calling, more important than genealogy or external physical characteristics.

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Aaronic priesthood Abraham Argument from silence Change in the Law Christ as High Priest Cities of refuge Discouragement Divine appointment Divine calling Encouragement Feelings of desperation and hopelessness First love Forerunner Genealogy Heirs of promise Heredity Hope as anchor Hope Influence on those not yet born King of peace King of righteousness King of Salem Lesser blessed by the greater Levitical priesthood Melchizedek's qualifications Melchizedek Oaths Order of Melchizedek Qualifications of high priest Patience Perseverance Phinehas Plodding Relative position of authority Tithe Wait on the Lord Works

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