biblestudy: The Commandments (Part 3)

Idolatry, Part 3
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 30-Jul-88; Sermon #BS-TC03; 78 minutes

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The reprobate mind (a mind incapable of moral judgment) constitutes the basis for the world's dubious standards of morality and idolatry. Discernment of right and wrong comes exclusively from doing the will of God. Idolatry derives from worshiping the work of our own hands or our own mental fabrications (imposing our own will against God's) rather than the true God (to be worshiped only in spirit and truth). Whatever consumes our thoughts and behavior (motivated by lust or covetousness for something forbidden by God's law) has become our god or our idol.

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Carved image Conception of God Covetousness Christmas Crucifix Easter False gods Form of godliness Idolatry Limiting God Lovers of themselves Lust Madonna and child Magnitude of God Object of veneration Odets? Pictures of Christ Pride Reprobate Mind Righteous Judgment Second Commandment Symbol Uniqueness of the Creator God Worshipping in spirit and truth

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