biblestudy: The Commandments (Part 8)

The Sabbath, Part 4
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 14-Jan-89; Sermon #BS-TC08; 74 minutes

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In our hectic culture, we commit far too little time to God, depriving ourselves of the Holy Spirit and attenuating the faith required to draw close to God. The Sabbath was made to guarantee this needed time to establish our contact with God. We dare not pollute or profane this day by presumptuously doing our own thing, incrementally neglecting the hearing of sermons, fellowship, prayer, meditation, and Bible study. The Sabbath (a memorial of God's creation and a pre-figuration or promise of a future rest) provides the time for hearing God's word right now and doing good. God's presence has sanctified or set this recurring period of time apart as holy. During this time, we need to develop respect for instruction into God's way that will lead us into eternal life. We need to guard our thoughts, words, and behavior, making sure that we do not pollute this holy time.

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Blemished sacrifice Bondage Breaking the Sabbath Calling Sabbath a delight Common use Defile Doing our pleasures Garbage Neglect Eunuch Faith Holy Narrow way Perfection Path of life Profane Regarding the Sabbath Respect the Sabbath Sabbath activities Sinning presumptuously Spiritual eunuch Table of the Lord Time Today Wearing of tassels

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