biblestudy: The Commandments (Part 19)

Coveting/Lusting/Desire and Idolatry
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 12-May-90; Sermon #BS-TC19; 91 minutes

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Advertisers and politicians shamelessly (and successfully) manipulate us with the "Get way" or the "Keep up with the Joneses" (lust or coveting) principle. A commentator once remarked, "All public crime would cease if this [Tenth] Commandment were kept." Jesus taught that all outward sin stems from inner inordinate desire. What we desire or lust after automatically becomes our idol. If our imaginations are fed dirt, our minds will become dirty. We desperately need to learn to radically amputate or mortify the self-centered lusts and desires that will inevitably (if followed to completion) lead us to the lake of fire. The Tenth Commandment (like the First) serves as a control or regulator, enabling us to successfully keep all the other commandments. Ardently desiring the Word of God and His Kingdom (realizing that happiness and joy come only from spirituality) serves as the most effective antidote to lust and covetousness.

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Adultery American way of thinking Amputating desire Art Linkletter Blaming others for our mistakes Book of Common Prayer Confusion of values Coveting Credit system Debt Desire Diogenes Dumb dogs Earl Nightingale Ethics in government Exercise of will Feeding the desire Get Principle Human nature Indebtedness Ira Hayes Imagination Keep up with Joneses Laodicean Motivational talks Nurturing the imagination Paul Harvey Pornography Positive righteousness Positive thinking rally Protestant work ethic Pure thought Robert Schuler Tithing Window shopping

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