biblestudy: Matthew (Part 11)

Matthew 7:13-29
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 09-Dec-81; Sermon #BS-MA11; 80 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh, focusing on Matthew 7:13-14, observes that life consists of a series of choices—often a dilemma of a pleasurable choice on one hand, and a daunting difficult choice on the other. It seems as though God Almighty and Jesus Christ invariably want us to make the more difficult choice, insuring seemingly the maximum spiritual growth and character development. Moses took the difficult way, forsaking the adulation of leadership in Egypt, becoming the leader of a rag-tag group of disgruntled slaves. Our daily choices (small and large) are based upon the same principle. Sometimes our choices are quite costly, putting our careers and opportunities on the line in order to follow God. Some of the choices we make consist of discerning true ministers from false ministers and discerning the fruits of false religion. We need to develop and maintain an intense love for the truth, by faith developing vision and foresight of future consequences. [NB: This series of Bible Studies from 1981-82 is incomplete.]

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Absent-minded professor Anti-Christs Battle between true and false Bereans Building our house on a rock Character, building Choices Daunting choices Deception Decisions Discerning between true and false Discerning false prophets Dilemma Elijah Elisha Faith False doctrine False prophets False teachers Falling away Garner Ted Armstrong Grievous wolves Heresies Idolatry Mantel of prophet Love for the truth Materialistic society Moses Narrow way Pleasurable choices Responding to teaching Rudiments of the world Satan's fifth column Tares among the wheat Thinking ahead Trusting God Wheat and tares William Dankenbring

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