biblestudy: Matthew (Part 18)

Matthew 12:38-13:32
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 03-Feb-82; Sermon #BS-MA18; 80 minutes

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The ability to do miracles does not identify a speaker as a representative of God, especially if the signs entice one to depart from the Word of God. Jesus warns that if we ask God for protection from demonic influence, we cannot sit back passively; Satan always counterattacks. Evil must be displaced with good. Jesus encourages us to develop spiritual family relationships within the Church of God coupled with common experiences to reinforce godly behavior. Generally, we cannot expect this kind of special reinforcement from our blood relatives or physical friends. The parable of the sower reflects the various levels of receptivity and conversion among people who are exposed to the Word of God. Matthew 13:22-23 seems to be aimed at the ministry, providing encouragement to keep plugging away despite some un-germinated seed. Like a farmer, the minister must learn patience before results are realized. We must use and develop what God has given or it will dissipate. The study concludes with an exposition of the tares (Darnel) and wheat parable, indicating that Satan has planted false brethren that are hard to distinguish from the real. God is the only one fit to judge.[NB: This series of Bible Studies from 1981-82 is incomplete.]

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Alcoholism analogy Calling Cares of life Christmas and Easter Closed mindedness Counting the cost Darnell Demons Doing good Drunkard analogy Expectations Experiences Healing Impulse to drink Impulse to smoke Lying wonders Men of Mysteries Nineveh Miracles of Jesus Job Parables Parable of the mustard seed Parable of the sower Parable of the wheat and tares Purpose of parables Queen of the South Revealed knowledge Reunion Satan�s counterattack Shallow-mindedness Signs Sign of Jonah Spanish language analogy Spiritual gift Spiritual growth Stony places Third resurrection Wheat berries Wicked generation

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