sermon: Leadership and the Covenants (Part Thirteen)

John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 20-Aug-16; Sermon #1337; 71 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh observes that, in every biblical covenant, God gives responsibilities in order to be in alignment with Him. If we fail to meet the responsibilities He has given to us, God will penalize us. Every covenant we find in Scripture outlines promises, responsibilities, and penalties. As members of the Body of Christ, we have been given specific tasks to carry out, placed in that Body where we can be the most productive. God is currently at work producing leadership in an organization which will follow Him, calling people into His family one by one, meticulously crafting it into a perfect organism. God is showing the same precision in His spiritual creation as He did in the physical creation. God did not create the universe and then just walk away, paying less attention to us than the earth (as magnificent as it is). Everything God made works (including our ultimate spiritual creation) perfectly. Jesus Christ, seated at the right hand of the Father, upholds and tends His spiritual creation right now. As God used Noah to build an ark (Noah perhaps had no idea as to what an ark was and what rain was), God has also called us to complete a project to which we are totally oblivious. Though we are in much ignorance as to how the end project will emerge, God has provided us tools to finish what He has called us to do. By reviewing God's patterns, we can see that we are part of the same project to which Noah and his family, progenitors of Christ, had been called. The ark, a protective enclosure or place of sanctuary, recurs perennially in Scripture, as the basket, protecting Moses, another Christ figure. Joseph, another Christ figure, was transported in a kind of ark (a coffin) into the Promised Land. The Ark of the Covenant is a protective enclosure, shielding God's treasures. The church metaphorically is an ark, a structure protecting God's called-out ones until the

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Ark of the covenant Coffin as ark Different functions in the body of Christ Ephesians 1: 20-22 Exodus 2:1-6 I Corinthians 12 18 I Peter Genesis 6:22; 50 Hebrews 1; 8 ; 11 Joseph buried in the Promised Land Noah- a prominent figure on the earth Noah as Christ figure Noah as a preacher of righteousness Noah did as god commanded Him Old Covenant becoming obsolete, but is still binding Promises, responsibilities, and penalties Romans 1:18-20, 6:1-4 Two witnesses

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