sermon: Leadership and the Covenants (Part Fourteen)

John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 10-Sep-16; Sermon #1340; 68 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh, reflecting upon the episode of God's rescuing of Noah and his family from the devastating flood, marvels about the perennial biblical patterns that never change, serving as an unambiguous teaching device. That rescue indicates God has never saved anybody by works. Everything, the physical and spiritual creation, begins with God, including the establishment of a family line from Seth to Noah to Abraham to Moses to David to Christ. Paradoxically God writes comparatively little about the first, and perhaps the greatest hero of faith, the father of all mankind after the rest of the world disappears, save for the evaluation that he did according to all God commanded him. What Noah built became the means of salvation of his family. Genesis 8-9 could be considered an overview of the entire plan of salvation. The time preceding the great flood parallels the time we are living through right now. The narrative demonstrates that clearing out an entire population of troublemakers did not solve the endemic and recurring problem of the deceptive, evil human heart. Only God's calling to each of us individually, followed by repentance and a rigorous conversion/sanctification process, will safeguard us from the fiery holocaust which will envelope this entire world. As God demonstrated grace by motivating Noah to build an ark to transport his family to safety, God has similarly provided a protective ark for His called-out ones today, namely His Church. Just as Noah's family had to help build the ark, we have been placed in the church with specific spiritual gifts, just as Noah had received, to help build up and edify the body or our place in the ark. Are we going to help build the ark or watch others build it? As Noah never forgot the Source of grace, we also should never forget that everything depends on God's generosity. We must emulate father Noah's humility, rejecting Satan's puffed up pride, remembering that just as God gifted Noah, He will also gift us for the

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Abraham Bible is highly organized Church as ark clay cannot shape itself Everything begins with God 1 Corinthians 10:12-13 Genesis 6: 6-8, 22 ; 8; 9:18-19 God is the author of the Bible Grace Lack of humility destroyed Satan Noah as a Christ figure Noah as a Christ symbol Noah as a preacher of righteousness Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD Noah never forgot where the grace came from Our God is highly organized Patterns that never change Process of Sanctification(Calling, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving of Holy Spirit, Tests, Trials, Overcoming, Resurrection) Philippians 2:12-16 Seth Spiritual gifts What God builds He must test

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