sermon: Leadership and Covenants (Part Sixteen)

John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 10-Dec-16; Sermon #1354; 72 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh dives into a study of the Abrahamic Covenant, a covenant made with one man which impacts all of mankind to the beginning of the New Heaven and New Earth and beyond, involving billions of people. The Abrahamic Covenant is one of the most massive collection of promises of God ever made, promises of which most of mankind are not aware. The many cataclysmic events which have occurred after the Flood (such as World War II) indicate that human nature has not changed one iota. None of us are immune to the temptation of the worst kinds of sin, including adultery and murder. Nimrod, whose rogue kingdom brought about Babel and the Nephilim, was the grandson of Noah. Civilization changes rapidly, and hardly ever for the better because people rarely think about God, let alone obey Him. After the Flood, people had fair warning from God, from the preaching of Noah and Shem, but the clear majority rejected these teachings. Like our father, Abraham, we have been reared in a pagan culture, even though we may have once been 'nominally' Christian. The knowledge of God's plan is given from above—anothen—the beginning of something brand new. Our calling is exclusively God-driven, beyond our control. God is completely in charge of the people He is converting to become a part of His family. God's grace precedes faith, understanding, practice, and sanctification. We make use of His grace through our works. Conversion produces the works of God. We need to remember that, like our father Abraham, God's calling of us will tear us away from relationships we have had for decades. God told Abraham to go to a land that He would give to his descendants, where He would make him a great nation, bless him, and make his name great, blessing those who blessed him, and cursing those who cursed him.

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Abraham not a country bumpkin Abraham nurtured in a pagan culture Abraham waits for Terah to die Abraham Acts 7:1 Anothen- again; from above August 1945 Babel Birth-beginning of something Born from above Building of a tower higher than flood waters Christian Alliance Missionary Church Degenerating into behavior similar to before the Flood Confusion of languages Cursed be Canaan - a servant of servants Cush David's sin Destruction of Europe Distribution of the Bible in Israelitish nations Ephesians 2:8 I John 5:18-19 50 million people perished in World War II Genesis 6:6-8; 9:20-25; 10:8-10; 11:1-9, 31; 12:1-4 God does not call people who are already converted God gives people fair warning God's perspective on time Haran Household gods part of Laban's family John 3:3-7, 9-10; 6:44-45 Joshua 24:1-2, 14 Let us make a name for ourselves Nicodemus - member of Sanhedrin - a doctor of the law Nicodemus contact with Jesus Nimrod-mighty hunter before the Lord Nimrod-mighty hunter against the LORD Noah's drunkenness Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord Noah walked with God Noah lived 350 years after the Flood Noah's sin One language Pearl Harbor Scattering of the languages Scattering of the people Shem - 10th generation after the Flood The Bible as History book by Werner Keller online Tower of Babel We are susceptible to sin Werner Keller

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