sermon: Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen (Part Four)

Church History
Martin G. Collins
Given 16-Feb-19; Sermon #1474; 72 minutes

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The expression "Remember the Sabbath Day" carries the connotation of guarding the Sabbath as it provides a reminder of God's Creation and a reminder of how it applies to our individual experience as a part of God's Church. For this reason, we are obligated to investigate the experiences of those who blazed the trail before us. The Arnoldists, the Albigenses, the Cathers, the Waldensians, and the Lollards all had in their companies sincere Sabbath keepers as well as individuals who syncretized elements of Catholicism (as well as Protestantism later) with the doctrines of God's true Church. Pope Innocent III initiated the Albigensian Crusade, exterminating some of the most brilliant thinkers and Bible scholars in southern France, murdering thousands. This angry pope succeeded in undermining the work of Peter Waldo by sending spies known as the Poor Catholics to infiltrate Sabbath keeping groups in order to infect the partially convicted with Catholic dogma and fear of rejecting Rome's authority. Revelation 2:20 speaks of the evil woman Jezebel, the pagan Gentile Queen who, in Ahab's day, murdered thousands of God's servants. In the Middle Ages, in order to save their lives, many Waldensians kept God's Sabbath in secrecy, but participated in Sunday Mass, thinking it to be meaningless and therefore harmless, even though in God's sight it was tantamount to having communion with demons. Like the Waldensians, we are impacted by everything we do; for better or worse we are changed by what we encounter. Like Adam and Eve, God charges us with the task of tending and keeping our nephesh (our mind), guarding what we put into it, realizing that living in isolation is not an option, but screening out Satan's vile mindset is mandatory.

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