sermonette: Dog Soldiers

Mike Ford (1955-2021)
Given 03-Oct-09; Sermon #FT09-03s; 21 minutes

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Mike Ford, reflecting on the myriad of trials and negative news we have had last year, focuses on 1 Corinthians 10:13 and 16:13 asking what our responsibility should be in trials and temptations. Paul admonishes us to act like men, or adults, responsibly and courageously, not cowardly and timidly. At the same time, we are counseled to be vigilant or watchful, emulating the bravery of the Cheyenne Dog Soldiers, the Spartans of the Plains, being willing to die rather than retreat, having committed oneself to a stake in the ground, fighting bravely against the forces of the world, the devil, and our own flesh, sacrificing everything for love of our family, tribe, and church.


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