sermonette: Take My Yoke

Becoming Yoked With Christ
Ronny H. Graham
Given 17-Oct-09; Sermon #960s; 17 minutes

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Ronny Graham, reflecting on the oppressive burden of Rehoboam"s government, suggests that the present administration"s program is every bit as oppressive, placing all of us under an oppressive yoke. There are several kinds of yokes, including the head, neck, and wethers yoke. A properly fitted yoke will ease the burden on the animals. If we feel that our yoke is too difficult, we should examine our lives, realizing that sin brings a horrendous yoke of iron (Deuteronomy 28:48). We do not have to bring the yoke of iron on ourselves if we assiduously avoid sin, but each of us must bear the yoke which has been placed upon us. Jesus Christ has promised us an easy yoke (Matthew 11:27), one that will place us in the same yoke as He has already borne, and continues to help us as long as we are "in Christ."


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