sermonette: Test the Spirit

False Prophets
Ronny H. Graham
Given 20-Mar-10; Sermon #982s; 21 minutes

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Ronny Graham, reflecting on many athletes boasting that they are the greatest athlete, cautions against the foolishness of exalting ourselves above others. Jeroboam, in the similar vein, exalted himself against the prophet of the Lord, bringing about serious physical consequences. The prophet of the Lord became deceived by an elderly prophet who blatantly lied to him. Unfortunately, the prophet of the Lord did not question or test the spirits. Today, the greater church of God must be on guard against a variety of heresies (including the Passover on the 15th) as well as ministers arrogating to themselves the identities of Joshua, Zerubabel, or the office of apostle as Herbert W. Armstrong's successor. We dare not imitate Jeroboam's example of presumptuousness, thinking we can change established doctrines on our own whim.


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