sermonette: The Shepherd's Guidance

David C. Grabbe
Given 13-Oct-11; Sermon #FT11-03s; 18 minutes

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David Grabbe, acknowledging a decline or leveling off of the number of hits on the CGG website, suggests that, although we still have a healthy number of hits, the decline has signaled a possible decline in the spiritual health of the CGG (as well as the greater church of God). Perhaps, until there is an environment of peace without envy or strife, will we be ready for more growth. Perhaps, with the chaotic world conditions, we need to shift gears, preparing to take on something new. Perhaps, God does not want us to get smug in our self-sufficiency, not depending on him. As metaphorical sheep, we have some bad habits which can only be checked by continual movement. Scattering, in this context may be beneficial because it prevents us from overgrazing and getting into a rut. God continually adjusts our environments so that we learn to stay dependent upon Him. If we are intent on following the shepherd's guidance, changes in circumstances can be beneficial.


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