sermonette: Prerequisite to Agape Love

Pre-Passover Evaluation and Humility
Bill Onisick
Given 16-Mar-13; Sermon #1147s; 16 minutes

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Bill Onisick, reiterating that the Passover season is a time of self-reflection and self-examination, with a view of synchronizing our spirituality with our Elder Brother, Jesus Christ, admonishes us to collect our scattered thoughts, discard the impure and hold on to the pure, and gather and submit ourselves to one another in the Body of Christ, discerning the factors which have heretofore caused us to be disunited and scattered, especially overweening pride and self-interest. We must individually go before God in a humble and repentant attitude. Without humility, there can neither be agape love or salvation. We are placed in this physical life to give and to serve, not to be served. Humility is a prerequisite to agape love, as demonstrated by our Elder Brother, who laid down His very life for us. We need to emulate Jesus Christ's willingness to sacrifice.


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