sermonette: What Is 'My Way'?

Is God's Way Your Way?
Richard T. Ritenbaugh
Given 26-Apr-14; Sermon #1210s; 19 minutes

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To the carnal mind, the song "My Way," composed by Paul Anka but written for and made famous by Frank Sinatra, represents a triumph of the human will and a declaration of pride, a determination to kneel to no one. Even though we may claim to follow God's way, there is a considerable measure of selfishness in our own pathways, a tendency to be dismissive of other people, and a determination to keep our own counsel. If we do not yield to God, following the narrow way, as exemplified by our Elder Brother, Jesus Christ, we have the tendency to develop a hybrid way—following our way with just a few of God's principles attached—as was practiced by Cain (adjusting God's instructions to suit ourselves), Balaam (using the spiritual to satisfy greed), Korah(mixing God's principles with criticizing others), or Jeroboam (counterfeiting God's instructions through false words, creating stumbling blocks before others). By following these hybrid ways, we will put ourselves under a curse. We must instinctively respond, along with Christ, "Not my will, but Your will be done."


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