sermonette: The Unsung Hero

Joseph's Faithfulness
Ted E. Bowling
Given 26-Jul-14; Sermon #1224s; 15 minutes

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Parents serve as better role models than do entertainers and professional athletes. Joseph, the stepfather of Jesus and the husband of Mary, had characteristics of a hero, exemplifying the qualities of fairness, kindness, and humility, giving Jesus a solid moral and ethical foundation, coupled with an exemplary work ethic. Joseph endured the stigma, humiliation, and scorn of the Jews who believed the gossip that Jesus was conceived out of wedlock. Joseph was a provider, skilled craftsman, and a competent teacher of his trade, providing Jesus with the many construction and building metaphors He used later in His ministry. Joseph's willingness to work hard, sacrificing everything for the family while demonstrating godly kindness and love, makes him a matchless hero.


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