sermonette: Battling the Tempter

The Gap Between Impulse and Self Control
Ted E. Bowling
Given 30-Aug-14; Sermon #1229s; 16 minutes

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In a recent television program, a class was given the opportunity to cheat on an exam by using the answer key attached to the back side, or to exercise self control, answering the questions with the resources provided by studying. It is rare that a secular TV program reinforces biblical principles, but in this case, the destructive aspects of cheating on the nervous system and the consequences in later life are examined in detail. We are all subject to temptation, even as Jesus Christ was tempted in His weakest point and passed the test. We are all created with different kinds of life experiences and levels of temptation thresholds. Satan knows how to effectively package sin and temptation to correspond with our greatest weakness, using the high tech glitz of the Internet. We have to be continually on guard, asking Christ and our Heavenly Father to strengthen our resolve to continue battling the tempter.


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