commentary: Dealing With Change

John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 20-Sep-14; Sermon #1232c; 10 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh, suggesting that we have an ambivalent attitude to change, resisting it when it upsets our equilibrium or desiring it when we are in dire straits, proclaims that God deliberately places change in our lives to bring about spiritual growth toward perfection. The second law of thermodynamics teaches us that all matter is in a perpetual state of decay unless energy is expended to halt the process. God's command to Adam to dress and keep the environment indicates the dynamics of this principle. Our offspring would be stalled at a premature state of their developmental process if they did not weather tests and developmental tasks, some of them extremely unpleasant and uncomfortable. God as our Parent is no different; He will not curtail change in our lives until we are conformed into His image. God is the author of change in order to bring events to the conclusion He wants.

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Ambivalence to change Change forced on us by fluctuations of economy Change force upon us Change produces stress Changes produced by work Conservation of energy Constant change Cultural changes Deuteronomy 8:2-3 Dress and keep Ecclesiates 3 Feast and famine First law of thermodynamics Go to the ant God forcing changes Hebrews Natural decay built into creation Repentance Resupplying of energy Season of changes Second law of thermodynamics Things tend toward disorder


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