sermonette: Daring to Be Vulnerable

Abundant Fruit of Agape
Bill Onisick
Given 05-Nov-16; Sermon #1349s; 16 minutes

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Bill Onisick, alluding to some insights in Bruce Wilkinson's book Secrets of the Vine, namely that there are many barriers to producing agape love, contends that lack of love is the biggest problem the greater Church of God struggles with today. We find it difficult to love our brethren as Christ loved us because we do not want to expose our vulnerability, which is anchored to self-focused pride. Peter sank in his abortive walk on the water because his sense of vulnerability eroded away the needed faith for this act. Only when we sacrifice our sense of vulnerability and our penchant for pride will we have the strength to yield to God.

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Agape love , deterrents to Bondservant C S Lewis Doubt and pride Jesus laying His life down John 13:38; 21:7 Living sacrifice Luke 6:6; Matthew 14:29 Peter's denying Christ three times Peter's walking on the water Philippians 2:5 Secrets of the Vine - RUMC Secrets of the Vine: Breaking Through to Abundance Vulnerability is not weakness


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