sermonette: Should All Believers Lay Hands on the Sick?

Authority, Gifting, and Responsibility
David C. Grabbe
Given 12-Aug-17; Sermon #1392s; 17 minutes

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Pentecostals view Mark 16:14 as a command, yet it is not a command at all, nor does it apply to all readers. God does not give every Christian the gift of healing, casting out of demons, interpreting tongues, and preaching. God gifted Peter with the authority to lay hands upon the sick, but this gift did not extend to all the saints, as is seen with the resurrection of Tabitha. The saints waited for Peter to arrive and did not presume to lay hands on her themselves. There is a diversity of gifts in I Corinthians 12, but not everyone in the Body has the same gifts. The references in scripture to Elders in the congregation do not apply to the hoary head, but to those whom God has ordained to function as overseers of the flock. It is unwise for anyone in the flock to presumptuously attempt to use gifts he has not received from God.


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