sermon: Don't Meddle and Always Be Ready to Answer

Mark Schindler
Given 23-Mar-19; Sermon #1479A; 43 minutes

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Mark Schindler reflects on some vituperative letters the Church received following the publication of a Berean on I Peter 2:17. The author had suggested that God's people should honor the President to the same extent that Peter apparently admonished his audience to honor the Roman Emperor Nero. To disrespect governmental leaders is to question God's wisdom in setting them up. God's called-out ones, whose citizenship is in Heaven, can become tempted to join the fray, "helping" God fight evildoers and corrupt government officials. God does not welcome nor appreciate His people's involvement in politics—at any level. Jesus, in His prayer to the Father the night He was betrayed, emphasized that, though we live in the world, we must not become involved in the politics of mankind. Satan seeks to distract God's people by enticing them to meddle in governmental matters, thereby endangering their relationship with God. Vengeance belongs to God alone; we need to keep our hands off. We have a responsibility to (1) keep our focus on Christ above the sun; (2) realize that we must be part of the solution, not the problem; (3) become metaphorically salt (a purifying agent) and light (symbolizing the truth). We cannot be salt or light if we grovel in the world's dirty, corrupt political affairs.

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