sermon: Go Not Out of the House

John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 20-Apr-19; Sermon #1483-PM; 78 minutes

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The term "house" could be substituted for a family, a tribe, a dynasty (such as David's dynasty), and any kind of enclosure (such as a helmet, holster, hutch, building, cave, sheepfold, corral, tabernacle, temple, tent, assembly, congregation, church, or family). God's Called-out ones are both the builders and the pieces of the structure: living stones joined to the Corner Stone, Jesus Christ. God's called-out ones are both the field workers and the produce of a spiritual farm (God's field). Just as the imagery of the lamb slain in the threshold protecting ancient Israel from the deadly plagues, Christ's blood on the threshold of the church (the Israel of God and the Body of Christ), protects the saints from spiritual death. God's called-out ones are the living stones comprising an emerging temple and spiritual organs (each dependent upon one another) that comprise the Body of Christ, fulfilling and completing Jesus Christ, Who encompasses the Head.

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