sermon: Forgiveness and the Perpetual Covenant of Peace

Mark Schindler
Given 07-Sep-19; Sermon #1505A; 34 minutes

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It is commonly thought that we pay no price for forgiveness, yet Scripture shows that God gives us responsibilities to be a part of His family. He calls us to be living sacrifices (Romans 12), imitating Our Elder Brother, walking in God's statutes, including forgiving those who have wronged us. Following Christ's and Stephen's examples of forgiving their enemies, we can realize that our enemies, blinded by hatred inspired by Satan, are woefully ignorant of the depth of their spiritual depravity, just as was Saul before his conversion. Because Jesus bore the sins of Israel in meekness and humility, we must also exercise humility, meekness, and forbearance for our fellow humans. As we make the covenant of peace (Hebrews 8:10, 10:16, Jeremiah 31:31), having God's Laws firmly implanted in our hearts, our obligation is to imitate Christ as He has forgiven us rather than to adopt the ways of the unjust servant, who refused to forgive a diminutive debt in comparison to the horrendous debt which was forgiven him. If we have anything against anyone, we need to soberly reflect on our own massive debt that Christ generously forgave. We need to forgive in the same measure Christ has forgiven us or we run the fearful risk of treading on the blood of Jesus Christ.

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