feast: Where God Places His Name (Part One)

Richard T. Ritenbaugh
Given 14-Oct-19; Sermon #FT19-01-PM; 65 minutes

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The builders of the Tower of Babel tried to "make a name" for themselves, trying to make themselves equal to God. God gave them a name: Babel: Confusion or Chaos. A name (1) identifies the bearer, (2) establishes a principle, (3) defines the character of a person (4) defines the reputation of a person, (5) establishes authority, and (6) denotes the idea of presence. As we consider the Feasts that God has commanded, we must remember that (1) God chooses the place to place His name and promises to place His presence, indicating that Jerusalem is His eternal choice for the Kingdom of God. (2) This choice of location is eternal - the New Jerusalem. (3) God places His name on Jerusalem, placing His authority, sovereignty, and renown over this venue which had formerly rejected His authority. The re-establishment of Jerusalem as the world capitol demonstrates that even when God is angry, He still restores His people, preparing them to explore and develop the uninhabited universe.

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