sermonette: Engage!

Joseph B. Baity
Given 14-Dec-19; Sermon #1520s; 20 minutes

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Social media, instead of binding us together in a global community, has divided us into media ghettos, between left and right, rich and poor, elite and the great unwashed, suggests that society has become socially disengaged. Our daily social interaction has become digital rather than flesh and blood. Protest characterizes human encounter today. The world as we used to know it has become unfastened from its moorings. As God promised King Asa, the Lord promises to be with us as we seek Him. It is time to realize the blessing of our calling as the world continues to become more disengaged. Babylon is, and has always been, bleak. But we can engage God at any time. God is always fully engaged with His children; if we fully engage with God, our lives will be meaningful. Realizing that the eyes of the Lord traverse the entire face of the earth, we need to stir up the gift of God's Holy Spirit, loving Him with our whole heart and our neighbors as ourselves.


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