sermon: Don't Be a Politician

Mike Ford (1955-2021)
Given 21-Dec-19; Sermon #1521B; 34 minutes

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The uncomplimentary connotation of the noun 'politician', which suggests an ambitious, crafty schemer, is well-deserved in view of the character of many of the nation's current leaders. Ironically, the best Presidents of our republic have been those who did not seek office, such as Dwight Eisenhower and George Washington. When Saul was little in his own eyes, he was a good king, but when he placated the whims of the people in direct disobedience to God's instruction, God rejected him in favor of a humble shepherd, a man after His own heart. Absalom, David's handsome and vain son, began to cultivate the hearts of the people, promising them what he could not possibly deliver. God eventually snuffed out the coup he plotted against his father. The sovereign God dooms to utter failure conspiracies like Satan's and Absalom's, no matter how carefully they are planned. Jesus proved that one cannot become a leader through political intrigue, but by assuming the position of a humble servant. God sets Himself against the proud but amply rewards the humble servant.

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