sermon: Israel's Restoration and the Zeitgeist of Zeal

Charles Whitaker
Given 11-Jan-20; Sermon #1524; 78 minutes

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God will employ two sequential steps to reorient apostate Israel to Him: regathering and restoring. Regathering refers to God's "search and rescue" mission to return Israelites scattered during the time of Jacob's trouble to the Land of Promise. God will 'purge" rebellious Israelites, not permitting their entry into the Land of Promise. Restoration refers to the actions God takes to bring Israelites back into His favor. God, true to the terms of His covenant with Israel, will bring about both curses for disobedience and blessings for obedience. Hence, scattering and regathering/restoring manifest respectively the severity and goodness of God, as He "fulfills all righteousness." As part of His restoration, God will "add value" to Israel by giving her access to His Holy Spirit, the first of many gifts designed to 1.) facilitate an on-going relationship between Israel and Him, and to 2.) enable her to carry out her assigned work. That work will entail "going out" to all gentile nations, following the God-ordained model of preaching the gospel: Sending people gifted with God's Spirit out to those in the world in an organized manner. Each Israelite tribe will have its own territory, just as each apostle had his own sphere of influence. During the Millennium and White Throne Period, as "fishers of men," converted members of restored Israel will follow the lead of the apostles, carrying the gospel to all gentile nations, teaching the whole counsel of God. We, as God beings, will aid these "fishers," ensure that nothing hinders the preaching of the Gospel, God's power to salvation.

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