sermon: 'What Do You Seek?'

Mark Schindler
Given 07-Mar-20; Sermon #1532A; 39 minutes

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We all had preconceptions about God's will and likely carnal reasons for responding to His calling, but we must lay those aside in favor of the transcendent goal of seeking Christ and His righteousness above all else. John, in his gospel, identified Jesus Christ as the Light and the Reality. In John's Gospel account, Christ's first words are "What do you seek?" With these words, He poses a seminal question for every one of His Sons. What do we seek? King David issues a paean of thanksgiving as he relocates the Ark in Jerusalem (I Chronicles 16:11), encouraging us to seek God's face continually. When Jesus was twelve years old, He asked His parents, "Why did you seek Me? Did you not know that I must be about My Father's business?" (Luke 2:49). Like Christ, His children must be about their Father's business, working to build a better relationship with Him, eschewing the rut of incomplete or myopic understanding by setting aside self-serving desires. Our focus must be on doing and saying what pleases the Father and seeking the welfare of others as we do for ourselves (Romans 15:1-6).

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