sermon: Five Easily Neglected Doctrines

John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 01-Aug-20; Sermon #1556; 72 minutes

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Here are five easily neglected doctrines, which, if carelessly observed or distorted, could jeopardize the salvation of God's people. 1.) A relationship with Christ is absolutely essential to entry into God's Kingdom. God's people must not minimize Christ's admonition that, if they become disconnected from the Vine (John 15:4), they will bear no fruit and ultimately be burned. 2.) Christ's care for people is deep seated, extending as it does to His concern from those who are unable to respond to Him at this time. 3.) Persecution is increasing as society becomes more corrupt. 4.) God remains sovereign in the execution of His purposes and plans; God's people must maintain their trust in His purpose for us (Romans 8:28). 5.) It is God who creates character is us. God calls His Own: they did not search Him out. God's commitment to character-creation extents to physical Israelites, whom, in the fullness of time, He will call to salvation and mold into His character (Romans 1:26).

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