sermonette: Our Precious Calling

James Beaubelle
Given 09-Oct-20; Sermon #FT20-07s; 18 minutes

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Fellowship with God's people is so different from fellowship with people whom the Father has not yet called because fellowship with the former is with the living, while fellowship with the latter is with the dead. The world's zeitgeist entraps the natural man (the person lacking God's Spirit). God has ordained that His chosen grow while residing in an environment of transience and corruption created by Satan and perpetuated by those rejecting God, giving His people gifts to enable this growth. These gifts include 1.) His love, 2.) His mercy shown in the forgiveness of sins, 3.) His Holy Spirit to lead and teach, 4.) reconciliation and redemption through Christ's blood, 5.) intercession through a High Priest Who knows their weaknesses, 6.) spiritual knowledge, 7.) faith, 8.) hope, 9.) grace that allows them time and space to work out their salvation, 10.) protection from evil, 11.) a crown in heaven, and 12.) His fear that they may be humble. God works a hundred percent for His people. Though God has hidden Himself from most of humanity, He has revealed Himself to the children of Light, standing them on their feet as He did the Prophet Ezekiel (Ezekiel 2:1-2).


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