sermonette: Discerning of Spirit

Guarding the Body
Ronny H. Graham
Given 14-Nov-20; Sermon #1570s; 19 minutes

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The greatest tragedy of this time has been the massive amounts of misinformation proffered by an agenda-driven media which lacks commitment to objectivity and truth. Sadly, Satan has even fractured the greater church of God by disseminating lies which foster fear of convening on the Sabbath. With this tidal wave of misinformation, God's people desperately need discernment, the ability to discriminate in spiritual matters, a gift promised by God. Rightly dividing the precious word of truth from Satan's lies is a skill largely lacking in mainstream churches—as demonstrated by their tolerance of same sex marriages and their ordination of homosexuals, both of which patently violate God's law. Grace and tolerance do not cover unrepented sins nor fellowship with 'believers' contemptuous of God's laws. God has blessed His called-out ones with special insight, who therefore have an obligation to guard the truth.


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