sermonette: The Vetting

An Examination of Our Self-Examination
Joseph B. Baity
Given 05-Dec-20; Sermon #1573s; 13 minutes

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"Vetting" is a procedure which is a part of the election process. The term "vetting" has its root in horse racing: The veterinarian's examination of horses to protect the interests of horse owners and gamblers. As it applies to political candidates, vetting ensures that: 1.) the candidate is worthy and has the stamina to go through the campaign process and the capability of enduring media scrutiny and 2.) the candidate has "come clean" of any skeletons in his closet. This process entails lengthy interviews wherein the candidate explains his accomplishments and mistakes, all the time assuring the public that issues in the past will not be indicative of his actions if elected to office. If a candidate proves forthcoming and transparent, concealing no lies or hidden peccadillos, he has "passed" the vetting process. God's called-out ones should welcome such penetrating examination from God, as He ensures there is no contradiction between what they really are and how they present themselves to others. Covering our sins threatens spiritual growth (Proverbs 28:13; 30:2). As well, God's people must invest the time required to take a closer look at themselves, inviting God into the vetting process, recognizing the difference between what they really are and how they deceive themselves and others (Psalm 139:23-24).


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