sermonette: In God We Trust

Are We Living Like We Trust in God?
Ryan McClure
Given 06-Feb-21; Sermon #1582s; 17 minutes

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The motivation for changing the American national motto from "E Pluribus Unum" ("out of many, one") to "In God we Trust" was a reaction to the Soviets embracing atheism during the Cold War. John 6:28-29 instructs those whom God has called to believe in the One Whom He has sent—namely Jesus Christ. David put his trust in the Lord, Whom he knew would deliver His people from wicked agents and dangerous situations. Romans 4:3 demonstrates that Abraham believed God, leading him to obey without question. David's descendant Josiah trusted in the Lord, bravely demolishing every vestige of paganism which had infiltrated Israelite culture. When the Assyrian monarch Sennacherib tried to intimidate Hezekiah, attempting to sow doubt and division, God intervened, destroying 185,000 Assyrian soldiers (II Kings 19:25-37). While the motto "In God we Trust" no longer describes the bulk of modern Israelites, God continues to ask His people to live by that motto.


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