sermonette: Wrong Ideas

James Beaubelle
Given 27-Feb-21; Sermon #1585s; 16 minutes

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Over the course of millennia, only a few have been willing to hold to the covenant with God or make the sacrifice for building the faith He requires. Some become corrupted by Satan's spread of a false gospel, which replaces truth with an inaccurate view of God. The common entanglements of job, family, or social life distract others, pulling them away from their initial commitment. Some are unwilling to endure the discomfort of admitting their mindset has been wrong, rooted as it is in carnal nature. Three wrong ideas can damage a true Christian's relationship with God. 1.) God's people must never be so prideful, so presumptuous, as to believe that their good works will bring them salvation. Rather, they must aim their good work at helping others. 2.) While the end-state of a saint is perfection, God's people must not become discouraged at their lack of perfection but must "go on to perfection" by learning from Christ how to be mature. 3.) God provides refuge for His people, but only according to His Own purpose and knowledge of what we need. He will teach us what we need to know, empower us to do what we need to do, according to His will, not according to our desire for rescue. God's people must rely on the Great God to deal with us as a Father in time of need, according to His sovereign will (Psalm 121:1-2).


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