sermonette: Money: A Gauge of Character

Our Offerings Tell God a Lot About Us
Richard T. Ritenbaugh
Given 23-May-21; Sermon #1599s-AM; 19 minutes

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Offerings take different forms reflecting the economic level of society. The use of money exhibits much about a person's character, priorities and integrity. What and how God's people offer tells God a great deal about them. If God's people can manage meager financial resources, staying out of debt, He feels confident that He can entrust them with more responsibility. If God cannot trust a person to properly handle a small amount of money, He will not give him responsibility over more crucial matters. Freewill offerings provide an opportunity for a vassal to acknowledge the blessings which his Lord has given him. Because these offerings serve as a kind of gauge Almighty God uses to assess spiritual status, God's people need to take them seriously.


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