sermon: An Intimate Expanding Relationship

Mark Schindler
Given 16-Sep-21; Sermon #1617A; 44 minutes

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Every one of the annual Holy Days functions to expand an intimate, expanding, profound relationship with Jesus Christ. Sadly, Aaron's sons did not grasp God's booming presence when they offered strange fire contrary to God's stated commands. Leviticus 16:21 describes the role of the fit man leading the second goat (the Goat of Departure) into the wilderness, bearing the sins of Israel. Both goats were free from blemish. Goats, clean animals suitable for sacrifice, have a mixture of good and bad characteristics. On one hand, they are affectionate and demonstrate leadership, but they are also capricious, impulsive, and devious—similar to the carnal human nature every one of us have inherited from Adam and Eve (Romans 8:6-8). The apostle Peter demonstrated the headstrong goat nature continually, receiving rebuke from Jesus on several occasions (Matthew 16:23), but he was led to metaphorically transform from a wild goat into a tame goat because of Jesus Christ's prayers of intercession on his behalf (Luke 22:31-32). Peter learned through Jesus Christ's 3-fold question "Do you love me?" that his former sins of denying Him had been forgiven, but that Peter would join Him in suffering. It was at this crucial point that the young wild goat was tamed into the mature loving tame goat. As God's called out ones, we must follow the example of the apostles Peter and Paul, trading our impulsive and capricious carnal natures for a controlled, sacrificing spiritual nature, imitating our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in an intimate, expanding, profound relationship.

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