sermonette: Land of Milk and Honey

Ronny H. Graham
Given 25-Sep-21; Sermon #FT21-05s; 19 minutes

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For the past 6000 years, men have thought they could solve all the world's problems if they could just change the governmental systems from monarchy, oligarchy, the caste system, democracy, socialism, Marxist Communism, Democratic Socialism, anarchy, centrally government controlled economic systems or laissez faire Capitalism. The left and right pendulum has swung precariously back and forth for centuries, with perennial "throw the rascals out" mentality, all leading to hopeless futility. The children of Jacob are about to be cursed with 'progressive' totalitarian Communism, depriving them of their freedom and dignity. At the Feast of Tabernacles, God's people rehearse a blessed time when all these man-made, Satanically-inspired, failed systems will be permanently disassembled, and God's Kingdom will teach the peoples of the earth life-sustaining godly Principles. Jesus Christ will accomplish what no politician has ever been able to accomplish, to drain the putrid corrupt swamps of all failed man-made government. Our Creator came and lived a sinless life, sacrificing Himself, raising to Himself a holy nation, the Israel of God and will set everything mankind has botched up back in order. Thankfully, there will be no more socialists, communists, democrats, or republicans, and for certain NO POLITICIANS in God's Kingdom! He will rule with a rod of iron, crushing all opposition , ushering in an incredible blessed Land of Milk and Honey.


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