sermonette: Not One Stone Upon Another

Levi W. Graham
Given 02-Oct-21; Sermon #1619s; 15 minutes

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A perennial obsession since the time of the Apostle Paul to the present was the conviction that the end is near, perhaps spurred by publications such as "1975 in Prophecy," the Y2K phenomenon, the Mayan prophecies, or the utterances of Nostradamus, provoking extremes of desperation from the "true believers" and apathetic shrugs from the scoffers. God's official statement is seen in Matthew 23 (in which Jesus claims "that not one stone will be left upon another"- prophesying the destruction of the physical temple in 70AD. God's spiritual temple consists of the living stones Christ (the Corner Stone) has assembled (2 Peter 2: 4-6). We, as God's Spiritual Temple will be a stumbling block and rock of offense to the world, leading to untimely martyrdom to many of that temple, all promised white robes of honor (Revelation 6:9). In Mark 13:32-37, we learn that even Jesus Christ does not know the time when the Father will wrap everything up. None of God's people know how much time they have left but can be sure that at the time of one's death, the prophesied end times have indeed arrived.


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