sermonette: Holy Days, Signs, and Names

The Prince of Peace
David C. Grabbe
Given 19-Sep-09; Sermon #957Bs; 18 minutes

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David Grabbe, acknowledging that the Sabbaths (including the annual Sabbaths) serve as signs identifying the people of God, examines the groupings of eight signs marked by John, suggesting that the fifth sign (John 6:16) we can readily associate with the Feast of Trumpets, which designates the return of Christ. As the disciples were struggling against the storm in the darkest part of night, Christ cut short the danger, delivering the disciples out of the fearful darkness. The time period which we identify with the Feast of Trumpets will be the darkest time of the church and the world, a time Christ will need to cut short Jacob"s trouble, redeeming Jerusalem, re-gathering the outcasts of Israel exemplifying His fifth name Yahweh Shalom-the Lord of Peace or the Prince of Peace, putting down restlessness, anxiety, and hopelessness.


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