biblestudy: Childrearing (Part 3)

How To Build Charisma
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 05-Dec-87; Sermon #BS-CR03; 79 minutes

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Whether we like it or not, we internalize our values (good and bad) in our children, teaching largely by example. If we do not take seriously the responsibility for rearing our children, somebody else will. Sadly, the evil influence emanating from Satan (the spirit of the power of the air), permeate the standards and behavior of the world, attempting to imprint its unacceptable behavior onto our offspring, squeezing them into its mold. If we imprint on our offspring an example inspired by God's Holy Spirit, our offspring will be inoculated against the evil influences of this world. Four factors which impact our child rearing are: (1) our relationship with God (remaining metaphorically attached to the vine through God's Holy Spirit), (2) our relationship with our spouse (continually expressing the example of affection and solemn respect for the marriage covenant), (3) our attitudes toward children and child-rearing (too many of which are sadly influenced by the world), and (4) our practice of child-rearing techniques. We get first crack at training Gods.

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Acquired habit Agape love Charisma Child Rearing City schools Corporate nomads Course of this world Debased mind Divine love Early education Early learning Eating meals together Family spirit Early years of life Fear of disadvantage Godly offspring Holy Spirit Human nature Imprinting Influence of the world Institution of marriage Latch-key kids Mask National characteristic Reprobate mind Self Absorption Self fulfillment Spirit of God Spirit of the power of the air Television, influence of Vine and branch analogy

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