biblestudy: Childrearing (Part 5)

God the Master Childrearer
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 26-Dec-87; Sermon #BS-CR05; 82 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh emphasizes that God's main focus today is on the development of spiritual Israel, as the "apple [or mirror] of His eye." God initiated this special contact and remains intensively involved, actively directing and guiding this relationship, leaving nothing to chance. Likewise, we as members of God's church, dare not leave child rearing to chance, but ought to bend [actively training and directing early] the tender twigs entrusted to us toward God's purpose, with God's Kingdom in mind. Following the example of our father Abraham, we need to start early, systematically and consistently training our children in righteousness [focusing upon principles and examples from God's word], instilling a sense of responsibility, instilling a sense of respect for God, other people, and things, nurturing and correcting [but not to exasperation] them, monitoring their patterns of conduct, preparing them as Godly seed for His Kingdom.

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