biblestudy: Matthew (Part 16)

Matthew 10:34-11:30
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 20-Jan-82; Sermon #BS-MA16; 79 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh reiterates that disciples of Christ should expect persecution, often from people we normally would feel comfort and protection from, such as members from our own family. The two-edged sword (the Word of God) divides families because receptivity of this word is not a given- especially if one has not yet been called. Many more people ridicule God's Word than keep it. God's called out ones have to love God's Word more than family. Service in the work of God will inevitably bring persecution, but it will also bring reward. Chapter 11 focuses upon the ruminations of John the Baptist, who even though he was close to Christ, may have misunderstood the nature of Christ's true mission. John the Baptist, labeled as "none greater" never performed a miracle. It will take a great deal of expended energy to make it into the Kingdom of God. We cannot afford to be negligent or complacent about our calling, or our willingness to yield to His teachings, letting it dissipate like the ancient Israelites, the people of Bethsaida or Chorazin - or the Laodiceans . We must be teachable and adaptable, willing to take Christ's yoke, not tripped up in intellectual vanity or pride. [NB: This series of Bible Studies from 1981-82 is incomplete.]

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Acts of service Appointment of Disciples Bearing our cross Becoming offended Burden Courtier Cream of the crud Critic Division Education department Elijah Family reunions Finding our life God's word Impatience John the Baptist Kingdom of God taken by violence Intellectual vanity Lay members Losing our life Miracles Offense Persecution Pride Sword Take yoke Teachability Word of God Work of God

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