commentary: How Was it Accomplished So Easily? (Part Three)

John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 28-Dec-13; Sermon #1191c; 14 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh, continuing his analysis about how the progressive secularists were so successful at cramming leftist collective policies down the throats of the American electorate draws some parallels to the success of the Nazi propaganda machine in the 1930's and 1940's.Former Hitler Jugend member Hilmar von Campe identifies three reasons the German populace was duped: (1) The constant lying of the Nazi leadership. (2)Too many citizens were for too accepting , preventing them from critically examining the propaganda. (3) The Nazi's gradually became increasingly harsh, intimidating the citizenry, making them afraid to react. This process is being used by our current President, a practiced and unabashed liar, along with his administration, composed of Soviet style czars, enamored with Marxist socialism. America's largest city just elected its first self-proclaimed socialist mayor. The American citizenry resembles the frog , boiling to death because the temperature has been raised in slow increments. What Krushchev proclaimed in the 50's—"we will bury you" is coming to pass on schedule. The leftist takeover was accomplished not by brute force, but through unctuous prevarications- words designed to appeal to people's thinking. Academia and media has aided this liberal administration through smooth, deceptive words aimed at a gullible electorate, disconnected with their history and traditions. In the statist's concept, the state-the government replaces God. As God's called out ones,we cannot afford to allow current statist propaganda to take our focus away from God.

This is going to be my third commentary that I titled, "How Was it Accomplished So Easily?" By that question, I am asking, "How was it accomplished so easily that this nation got in this spiritual and moral and political mess?"

Two weeks ago, I ended that commentary quoting from the book, Defeating the Totalitarian Lie, that was written by a German-born man, Hilmar von Campe. Campe grew up under the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler, and I want you to note the word "lie" in the title of the book that he authored.

Campe gives three reasons why the Nazis so easily took over in Germany. The first is that he believes that the constant lying of the Nazi leadership over time threw the citizens into disorganized confusion so that they were ineffective in any resistance. The second thing that he states is that too many citizens were far too accepting and uncritical, partly because World War I was still so fresh in their minds. And third is very important: The Nazis gradually became increasingly harsh in their treatment of the citizens, making them afraid to react. The Nazi movement grew into a working system of "obey, or else."

What has been the operating procedure of the socialist-communist infiltration here? Campe concludes that it has been to educate the minds of the people to disconnect them from their history and traditions, and thus gradually alter the cultural beliefs, thus wedging open the door to a change to a socialist, totalitarian governing system. This process, brethren, is still underway.

Last week, I received an email from WorldNetDaily regarding the seriousness of the Islamic inroads into this culture and the methods that they are using. Chris Farrell, the author, makes this statement: "Muslim jihadists today are using many of the same techniques that were developed by Soviet agents to undermine and attack America. The operating principle is deception."

How successful have the Soviets been here in the good old USA towards undermining our culture? Well, the president of this nation is, at the very least, an out-and-out anti-Christian socialist. And this, despite the fact that he claims—here comes another lie—to be a Christian. I believe that he is but an eyelash from being an out-and-out communist, but not yet under the banner of international communism. He lies repeatedly, boldly and publicly, without fear, to the very people he supposedly is serving—and seemingly few care. Why? Well, it's because the majority believe the same way he does. And that is sad.

I wonder if his entire administration is socialist, even as he is. He even named his top advisers "czars." If that is not an obvious revealing of what he thinks he is, I do not know what it is. In addition, America's Babylon—New York City—just elected its first self-admitted Socialist mayor, and this is only twelve years since they had their last Republican hold that office. It shows you how fast we are sliding; that is going to lead to our captivity.

What many do not realize is that the citizenry, and most especially the Israelitish element of the citizenry off the entire Western world, is experiencing the "frog in the gradually heated water" reality as our nations are being led into a gigantic spiritual trap.

How is this happening? Can we identify major ways the changes in the Western culture are being implemented as the culture changes? Just think about this: The burying of us—remember Khrushchev—is not being done by brute force, but largely by words.

Recall what Jesus declares in John 6 that words are spirit. Words are power. Power to do what? To change people's thinking. The burying is being accomplished through a carnally-appealing, but deceptive, mis-education. The cultural war is being won by those who control the language. Who controls the language in America? It is the teachers and those reported in the news most frequently by the media. The infiltrators determined—this was generations ago—that they would infiltrate us by being the teachers of the teachers in universities. It seems like a slow process to you and me, but they have won control of what matters in the political and media areas.

Brethren, with words, everything matters what those words mean, the circumstances in which they are said, and how they are said. Did not Satan instigate Adam's and Eve's sins by the means of words? He did not use brute force. He used words.

I am mildly concerned about what is already accomplished by this process, only because it is affecting our attitudes. But there is nothing we can do to change things back to the way that they were. I am far more concerned about whether we fail to understand that despite the spiritual destruction of this nation, that we somehow fail to accept the fact that God's called-out children are the primary targets. It's not the unconverted in this nation that are the targets. It's you and me.

To whom is Jesus' Olivet Prophecy addressed as a warning? We are apprised in Revelation 12:9 that Satan will come to Earth with great wrath. Jesus' Olivet Prophecy outlines what Satan is and is not going to accomplish. That prophecy is given to us so that we are forewarned and prepared, and so we must continue being loyal to God. We have not reached the intensity the Olivet Prophecy educates us to expect. The intensity we have already experienced is nothing compared to what will come. And let me remind you again of the purpose the infiltrators have pursued to so vastly alter this culture.

Earlier, I made this statement, that Campe concludes that it has been to educate the minds of people to disconnect—there is the key word—them from their history and traditions, and they have done marvelously well. They have succeeded in virtually separating this nation from its wonderful Constitution. They have virtually destroyed the reputations of many of this nation's Founding Fathers and other heroes, and this nation's policies. Did not our president make apologetic speeches all over the world as he began his time in office? What was the apologizing for? For America being American!

These infiltrators have changed the meaning and impact of many of our terms. Most important of all is that they constantly lie, but they do this artfully, with seemingly good (on the surface) arguments. For people of religious and or scientific bent, they lie in attempting to destroy a person's belief in God's existence, and they have greatly, greatly succeeded. To destroy a person spiritually, morally, and politically, this is an absolute necessity. They have made strong efforts doing this because a person who is really a Communist must not believe in God, and they must not believe in the moral absolutes which are found in God's law. If they succeed in this, then each person becomes the determiner of what is moral.

Everyone can then do what is right in his own eyes—except for one thing. It is a major one thing, and it is not something that the Communists want anybody to know, and they strive to hide it: In communism, the state becomes god. God is not done away with. They just transfer from the Creator God to the state. The citizen in a communistic nation is owned by the state, and he is the state's willing or unwilling slave.

Americans are getting somewhat of a taste of this through the tremendous multitude of man-made regulations in every facet of civic life in which in which people must now meet. So without God in the picture, one loses every hope of ever being free, because without Christ in the picture, we remain forever a slave of men or Satan. So we, above all, must not allow ourselves to be lulled by Satan's deceptions in his teachings to turn us away from loyalty to God.



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