biblestudy: Matthew (Part 28)

Matthew 21:33 - 22:45
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 11-Aug-82; Sermon #BS-MA28; 83 minutes

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Matthew 21 describes Jesus Christ's public announcement of His Messiah-ship, when the crowds would select Him to be the Paschal sacrificial Lamb of God. After overturning the money changer's tables and cursing the fig tree, Jesus relates a parable about a man (symbolizing God) who planted a vineyard (symbolizing Israel and Judah), turning it over to some husbandmen (symbolizing the religious leaders who were responsible for the education of the nation), who later proved to be unfaithful, beating the owners servants (symbolizing the prophets) and killing the owner's son (symbolizing Jesus Christ). The responsibility for tending the vineyard was removed from those wicked husbandmen (symbolizing the priests and Pharisees) and given to new servants who would tend it faithfully, bringing about quality fruit replacing physical Israel with the Israel of God- or the Church. If the Church fails in its responsibility, God will take it away again and give it to someone who will bring forth fruit. When God gives us a responsibility, He gives us all the tools we need to carry it out as well as the freedom to decide how best to do it. God wants to see how we do with what we have been given. As future kings, we must learn how to solve problems. We are going to be accountable for the outcome. Jesus Christ as the cornerstone of the Kingdom of God will either be a sanctuary or a stumbling block or grinding stone to those leaders, peoples, or nations He encounters. We cannot allow the cares of the world to run interference with our calling. Spiritual goals, including nurturing our spouses and families, have to come first. Prayer and Bible study must be regarded as our lifeblood in establishing a relationship with God. Walking by faith (rather than walking by sight) will help us establish the right priorities. Our betrothal to Christ at this time does not

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Acts 5:29 Allegory Approach to God Betrothal as preparing to get married Cares of the world Citizenship Clothing as a symbol of righteousness Conscientious objectors Cultivator Daniel 2:44 Day of reckoning Deuteronomy2 5:1-5 Deliberate sin Disrespectful attitude Drifting away from high purpose of calling Dulos Ephesians 2:20 Excessive taxation Exodus 3: Farmer Filthy rags I Peter 2:17 Free moral agency Giving tribute unto Ceasar God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob God of the living God's intervention God's Judgment Ground tax Herodians Honor the king Household of God Income tax John the Baptist Isaiah 5: 1-2; 8:13 Jesus as place of refuge or sanctuary John 15:5 ; 16 Kingdom of God as a stone Leverite marriage Man's accountability and God's mercy Many are called, but few are chosen Matthew 4; 21:33; 22: Parables of the marriage supper Pharisees Philippians 3: polituma Poll tax Psalm 110:2; 118:22 Reaping what we sow Rejection of the invitation Religious leaders Resurrection Right priorities Romans 13: 1 Sadducees II Corinthians 5:7;10:20 Sharecroppers Slaves Stone of offense Stone of stumbling Tempting God to intervene Trick question Vineyard parable Wedding garment Wild grapes Winepress You shall not kill Zealots

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