commentary: Conspiracy Theory (Part Five)

John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 20-Dec-14; Sermon #1245c; 11 minutes

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There is a conspiracy attempting to overthrow an entire governmental, economic, educational, and social system. Currently, the architects of this conspiracy have become exceedingly prideful, gloating on the successes of their sinister machinations. Its objectives are audacious and appear to be a fait accompli. The architects of this conspiracy fear a revolt of the American people and are feverishly attempting to confiscate firearms from private citizens. Reportedly 300 million firearms are owned by private citizens. No other country in the world is as as empowered to revolt. The conspiracy to confiscate these firearms is composed of many nations and rulers, attended by sycophantic educators, legislators, corporate leaders, and media-the infrastructure of many nations. These leaders are like a cancer metastasizing across the governing bodies. They are tightly organized and orchestrated up and down the hierarchies of authority, with the objective of leading the world's citizenry to a new world order, transforming governmental, economic, educational, social, technological, military, and religious operations over the entire world, beginning in the Western world. It has a gifted spiritual leader at its helm—namely Satan the devil. This conspiracy has developed over a span of centuries, beginning well before there ever was a United States of America. The great seal of this country serves as the emblem of the new order. The slow, steady development (generations of time) of this conspiracy, and the ties to an oligarchic family order, seems to indicate Satanic influence. This tampering and altering of the economic base was all prophesied in scripture.

These commentaries contain what I perceive as a major factor shaping many of the dynamics of the world that we are living in and through as we continue our preparations for the Kingdom of God.

Most conspiracies are as hidden as the conspirators are able to operate them. This one that we are living in and through is not different in this regard. However, many of this specific conspiracy's realities have been uncovered as researchers expose their findings to the public. Most conspiracies are aimed at overthrowing a single leader and a small group of his associates. However, this conspiracy is exceedingly more comprehensive. It is aimed at overthrowing an entire governmental, economic, educational, and social system.

I believe that part of the reason these things are being exposed is that those operating the conspiracy are so prideful of their accomplishments and their power that they now are far less careful to keep their activities hidden.

But a major problem for them remains and they are aware of it. It is: Will the citizens of this nation and the nations of this world accept what is actually underway? It is not only actually underway, it has accomplished many of its objectives already and it is far, far larger and purposeful than even believers in the conspiracy are aware. I mean scary larger. Its objectives are audacious in scope, and in some ways appears to be a fait accompli. That is, it is an accomplished, irreversible fact already in many minds.

I do not believe it is, though, because their one remaining major fear is that the American people will catch on and revolt. The fear of that particular revolt is why there has been so much effort made to disarm the American people by making them turn in their guns. At last report, there are over 300 million privately held guns in the homes of American citizens. No other population of private citizens of any nation in the world is so armed and thus empowered to revolt. The perpetrators of the conspiracy want to avoid such a confrontation at almost any cost until they believe that they are ready to meet such a possibility.

There are several reasons that should alert us that this conspiracy has marks that make it different from other conspiracies of the past. The first is that it is prophesied in God's word. The second is its sheer size, as the prophecies show. It is described in Scripture as consisting of many nations, kings, and rulers. The third characteristic is one that combines its sheer size with the fact that it is being operated and lead by many powerful leaders in government, business, religion, and academia that are implied, especially in the term "rulers" that appears in the prophecy. This term in the prophecy is used in addition to "kings." This indicates to me, "leadership involved all up and down the line of the human infrastructure of many nations." This gives it many, many points of power of influential human persuasion, placed strategically within the governing economic, academic, and productive aspects of these nations. These leaders are like a cancer, metastasizing throughout the entire body of many individual nations.

This is not merely a conspiracy operated by just a few centrally located people near the top governing structure of one nation who are determined to overthrow one leader. This particular conspiracy is being revealed as a tightly organized structure. This is no fly-by-night, fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants operation. It is being tightly organized all up and down the lines of authority because their objective is so huge in its scope.

These people are planning a change to an entirely new world order. Did you catch that? New World Order. They are not planning to change the governance of only one nation, but rather one that will transform governing business, labor, educational, and religious operations over the entire world, beginning in the Western world. It is an operation that I said before is audacious in scope and could never have been accomplished among men until mankind had all the mechanical, electronic, nuclear and aviation facilities able to use in their purpose.

Its fifth characteristic—I've given you four already—is a major one in that it has a greatly gifted spiritual leader at its helm: that is, Satan.

Let me add another major and very important difference from other, more normal, run-of-the-mill conspiracies. Most conspiracies to overthrow a government are accomplished in a very short period of time compared to this one. In fact, mankind, because of the fact of death as shown in the book of Hebrews, has it ingrained in its thinking to think in terms of short periods of time.

Now I kid you not that elements of this particular conspiracy have been in preparation for centuries. Researchers have found references to this operation in men's writing that were written before there was ever a United States of America. An interesting clue, though vague on its surface, is that the great seal of the United States of America states that this nation is "the new order of the ages."

But let's continue on regarding one factor about the way its leadership thinks regarding carrying out its operations. I believe there are two interesting characteristics that give evidence of Satan's leadership. One is that the leadership of this group gives no evidence of being in a hurry to accomplish their goal. For that, they seem to have no specific deadline. Why should a long-living being think of that?

Number two: For the most part, they seem to think in terms of family power rather than individual power. Most people operate from paycheck to paycheck. Those families of people at or near the top of the operating group of those driving what is progressing do not teach their families to think in terms of a year when making major plans. They think in terms of generations of time.

This is reflected in the way they have built their economic base. It is this economic base which gives them much of their operating power. Their wealth, having been built over generations of time, is such that they have little concern for the day to day continuance of their lives. Their course in life is set and they wisely follow that path.



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