commentary: Conspiracy Theory (Part Eight)

John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 24-Jan-15; Sermon #1250c; 10 minutes

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Satan's fingerprints are all over the emerging New World Order, an entity that was conceived around AD 1700. The size of this conspiracy is immense, far beyond the capacity of any human being or human organization to comprehend or execute. People who are Satan's pawns in this conspiracy have no inkling that they are being manipulated. The religion of secular humanism binds this whole multinational, multicultural enterprise together. Hatred for God's Law and lust for wealth and power draw all these strange bedfellows together. The liberal-progressive mindset considers itself elite and superior to all other philosophies and religions. For the past several hundred years, secular humanist educators, steeped in the cunning and craftiness of the same serpent who corrupted the mindset of our original parents, have similarly advanced a crass material, secular education, throwing the thinking processes of our citizenry into confusion, debasing morality and ethics, and producing a hopelessly reprobate way of thinking and acting.

In this "Conspiracy Theory" series, I'm attempting to show you a number of factors that support that we are in the end times, as witnessed by what is happening, especially in the United States and in Western Europe while much of the world's attention is turned—focused—on the Middle East.

I am attempting to point out to you a number of spiritual and historical factors that help us identify elements helpful to better pinpointing what is going on. Number one on my list is that this conspiracy has Satan's fingerprints all over it. This is not a run-of-the-mill human conspiracy. Human conspiracies to overthrow governments are common throughout mankind's history. However, this one that is my subject is, I believe, the end-time fulfillment of the conspiracy against God and His Anointed, prophesied in Psalm 2.

Romans 8:7 gives us understanding that each and every person, beginning in the garden of Eden, has individually been at war against God. But Psalm 2 is describing a highly organized attempt by many nations of people joined to make war directly against God's sovereignty. The many references to this attempt in many places scattered throughout the Bible reveal the size of the operation is immense. We know from human histories that conspiracies always operate under a veil of secrecy in order to hide its intents, and a bit of that is involved here.

We are given enough insight from our background in the scriptures that we know that no human can lead it because no human lives last long enough to facilitate its organization, nor has the power to deceive an entire world to some measure for its purpose and its operations. Satan and his demons are equipped to do this, and he's been busy, recruiting, preparing and using people for roles he desires so that they give him their willing participation.

Please understand that those humans involved haven't the foggiest idea that Satan is their commander. Those he is using are totally deceived. I do not believe that there is a single true son of God in his company of conspirators. Not only that, I do not believe that there are many amongst the Christians of this world who are employed by him, and with good reason. This is largely because even they should still retain some elements of truth, and in addition, still retain some faith in them. They cannot be trusted by him and he will make a way to eliminate them from any position that they are worthy for with their expertise.

Understand this: His employees are overwhelmingly humanists who have long ago rejected God from any active consequential part of their life. Humanism is a major part of the tie that binds them together. Even those who do have some religious life are in organizations thoroughly tied to this world, like the Catholic Church. You should understand this from your knowledge of profane history. The Catholic Church has always been deeply involved in the governing aspects of life, especially in the Western world. How many times have you seen movies like The Three Musketeers, The Scarlet Pimpernel, or The Man in the Iron Mask that depict this so clearly?

Satan is using the people's most deeply involved intense hatred of God and His law and religious life, combined with their overriding desire for wealth and earthly power, as the incentives for their cooperation. This desire is the membership's tie that binds. This has been groomed in them for participation long before directly becoming a part of the conspiracy. And when they become part of it, they already have much material wealth and power, but they want more. It's what they love in life. It is their treasure they seek to preserve and to add to.

In addition, they all have teaching and training in this world's universities where Satan's teaching prevails and has been taught for hundreds of years already. Those who are actively part of it would never believe that they are being manipulated by Satan. Why? Because those spiritual concepts have already been washed from their minds, even if they had some before they entered those universities. They simply do not believe he even exists, and they believe that they are above such childish concepts. They also believe that they are smarter and better than others of their fellow humans. This is a common trait of the liberal mind.

Their focus is worldwide in scope because Satan's goal is worldwide in scope. They believe that they are creating a new world order better than the one that presently exists. They pursue after it and promote it, not as a benefit to the countries of their birth and its citizens, but because they believe they are going to profit from what will be established by them.

This Satan-driven human power is centered in what the news media and the historians term as the Western world. It's ethnicity is largely Israelitish, though a significant number of non-Israelites are mixed within it.

I mentioned in a previous commentary that I believe that Satan began his serious preparations for the end time about AD 1700. I still believe that that is a good round figure, but some preparation began even before that. Satan prepared for the end by doing what he does best: deceiving.

Genesis 3:1 Now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made . . . .

I like the way The Living Bible translates that:

Genesis 3:1 (The Living Bible) The serpent was the craftiest of all the creatures the Lord God made. So the serpent came to the woman. "Really?" he asked. "None of the fruit of the garden?"

Did you notice the taunting, challenging skepticism the paraphrase built into that scene? He approached them in that manner as preparation. He wanted to put them on the defensive, thus throwing their thinking into some level of confusion.

In like manner, in order to adequately prepare for the end time, there were two major public institutions he had to ensure were corrupted well before Christ ever returned. This was done by him to assure that those born into our time would accept the immorality and the corrupt ethics that exist now. "It's normal." No, it's not. Those two institutions both had to do with education. Of primary importance was people's spiritual education. That had to be totally corrupted. Secondarily, the material, secular education. To be continued.



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