commentary: Conspiracy Theory (Part Eleven)

John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 21-Feb-15; Sermon #1254c; 14 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh, reflecting on Mike Adam's post, "I Miss America," warning that 34 precious freedoms have disappeared over the past 40 years which will never come back, marvels that this frightening erosion of freedom has taken place seemingly within a nanosecond. Though we are living in the terrifying climax of a technological revolution, Satan has been meticulously and carefully preparing for a war against Almighty God for millennia, stepping up the pace as technology (from the time of Gutenberg until now) has developed exponentially, taking our breath away. Human life is short, but Satan's life is a great deal longer, and he can prepare new generations of human beings to carry out his deceptive, mendacious plans, bold and ambitious, (attempting to educate people on a worldwide basis, instilling into them his lies and misinformation). We can be thankful that God has placed limitations on Satan's ability to destroy mankind.

This past Tuesday morning, I received a posting in my inbox from the website titled, "I Miss America." It was authored by Mike Adams, who runs that website, and what he misses is something that I have referred to quite a number of times, mostly in my commentaries. And that is, how much things have changed in America during the past 40 years or so. The changes have not been good toward improving the quality of life, and what Adams misses is the quality of American life that apparently he lived even 40 years ago.

Many liberties that we had then are no longer here. There are liberties that I feel sure we took for granted, thinking that those liberties would never change. Adams listed 34 things common in everyday life that have changed, and the liberties removed will probably never be seen again unless a radical revolution for the good occurs in the next few years.

As history goes, 40 years may seem a long time to those of you who are younger, but the older one gets, 40 years gradually changes to be not much more than a blink of one's eyes by comparison. I point this out to emphasize something that Herbert Armstrong said many times. Basically what he said was, "The closer we get to Christ's return, the faster events leading to His return will occur."

But I want us to appreciate that there are hundreds of years of planning and maneuvering that have occurred, leading to where we are prophetically at this moment. The spirit of our times simply did not form itself over the last 40 years. This points to why we have got to get a good grasp on the reality that Satan has been and is continuing to put his ducks in order in order to be prepared for Christ's return.

I ask you a question: What are you doing? He is preparing for war with God and he is arraying his army of demons and men to fight against Jesus Christ. But I want us to grasp the realities that the planning and making of arrangements for those climactic battles have been in progress for centuries of time, and I emphasize centuries.

Consider this principle: Jesus teaches us,

Luke 14:31 Or what king, going to make war against another king, does not sit down first and consider whether he is able with ten thousand to meet him who comes against him with twenty thousand?

In this quote, Satan has the 10,000. God has the 20,000, illustrating a difference in power between the two. If Satan is going to have any success at all, he better plan awfully well. And you can be sure he is.

Satan has been preparing for centuries for this time that we now live in. One cannot simply run outside and enter into a war, especially when the opponent is the formidable Creator God, and at the same time, God too is preparing and forming His people and their character for this great showdown.

Satan's primary attribute seems to be his ability to deceive. In the Olivet Prophecy given by Christ, the very first warning to His disciples—to us—is, "Let no one deceive you." In order to be effective, the deceptions have to appear on the surface as being true. Otherwise, nobody will accept them. This is not all that easy.

The truths that I'm going to give you here are derived from the book of job. You know them very well and we should grasp practical issues regarding their use. First is that God has willed that Satan must make his preparations having to deal with the major realities confronting him within the constraints that God places on him. The first constraint is that God has His purposes He is working out within exactly the same timeframe. Satan is bound to working within what God permits. That's the overall principle. These two are on a collision course and the One is far stronger than the other. Satan must be very careful.

A second limitation is that human lifetimes are very short compared to Satan's. Time is of the essence, therefore, when Satan is dealing with men who do not live very long.

A third: In order for Satan's deceptions to be most easily believed and accepted, he must provide a background of human history combined with "scientific" knowledge by which to educate mankind so the worldwide deceptions Satan is planning are accomplished. He has a big job ahead of him and that's why it's taking him centuries to do this. Everything must appear as though what Satan is selling to mankind appears as nothing more than natural evolution, an increase of human development through the ages. That is, the increase of knowledge makes it appear as though mankind is getting better and better. Actually, he's going downhill.

Let's add to this that God, too, wants human knowledge—including spiritual knowledge, technological knowledge, historical knowledge, scientific knowledge, political knowledge, economic knowledge, psychological and medical knowledge—to be at levels acceptable to His purpose. So you can see, we are living in a pretty knowledgeable world. Let's add to this that God wants the various families of nations to be geographically placed where He wants them living on earth when Christ returns.

We see a principle in Genesis 10:5. I want you to think of this. How quickly do you move masses of populations around on earth? That takes a long time for people to emigrate from one area to another.

Genesis 10:5 From these the coastland peoples of the Gentiles were separated into their lands, everyone according to his language, according to their families, into their nations.

God used languages to group people together. That was one time. Bit that was not a one-time operation.

Deuteronomy 32:8 When the Most High divided their inheritance to the nations, when He separated the sons of Adam, He set the boundaries of the peoples according to the number of the children of Israel.

Again, that is a principle that keeps going on. The nations of the world are set where they are according to the numbers of the children of Israel. There are at least 500 million Israelites. God has done what? This very same principle holds true right to the end time. This is no accident that the Israelitish people are settled in Western Europe, the United States of America, Canada Australia, New Zealand and South Africa at the time of Christ's return. It was no accident that the United States of America won the Revolutionary War because God wanted Britain and the United States as separate nations at the end time.

As former President Roosevelt told his son-in-law—this was about 70 years ago now, it's more than that 70—but he told his son-in-law that "In Washington D.C., nothing happens by accident. Everything," he said, "is planned." Do you think that Satan and God are any different?

What I'm telling you is it takes hundreds of years, working with human beings, to do what I have told you here. That's why I told you that I believe Satan began his actual work for when we live right now sometime in the 1600s, in the 17th century.

We cannot—we must not—assume that the quality of life in our nations, which is steadily deteriorating, is normal. To those not thinking God's truth—that is, using God's truth—what we have here now is accepted as normal. And so, blatant homosexuality is now normal. Abortion is normal. Shacking up is normal. Filthy demonic entertainment is normal, and people love it! In fact, a new term now frequently used is "the new normal."

This process is why I mentioned in my previous commentary that human technology had to be developed in order to educate people on a worldwide basis and to do it fairly quickly, historically speaking. Thus, a major educational program was not begun until the Gutenberg Press was invented. Then it became possible. Immediately, almost—again, historically speaking—came the Protestant Reformation because masses of people could be educated in a much shorter time than previously. The Protestant Reformation was a great instrument for intellectual advancement in terms of coming to know God.

Now, this also seems to have ignited the vast movements of people emigrating out of Europe and into the New World. The stage for the end time was then beginning to move at a speed faster than a snail's pace. But by comparison, today's events are roaring along. God-willing, more to come.



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