commentary: Conspiracy Theory (Part Seventeen)

John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 18-Apr-15; Sermon #1263c; 9 minutes

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Satan's power of persuasion and deception has gone undetected throughout most of human history, largely because God has allowed Satan free access to those not yet called but has given a hedge of protection around those whom He has called. The natural, carnal human mind is already halfway on Satan's side, compliant with his mindset—enmity against God. The deck is stacked against mankind, and in favor of our enemy. Nevertheless, we must work within the parameters with which God has set for us. The carnal mind can be easily manipulated to sin. Even though Adam and Eve had a relationship with God, the first time the serpent appeared, sin seemed inevitable. Through our parents, Adam and Eve, all of mankind sinned at the very first attack of the enemy. Satan's conquest was as easy as apple pie. As a little leaven leavens the whole lump, as Adam and Eve's children emulated their parents' example, sin spread throughout the entire human race. Throughout the past 200 years, Satan has raised up a series of charismatic leaders, secular "Nephilim" in education— philosophers or religious leaders. Satan will place their disciples into education, politics, economics, and religion. Those leaders will spearhead the anti-God , secular, humanistic philosophies of the "Nephilim," adapting those teachings to their field of expertise, spreading the leavening everywhere.

I have spent a great deal of time in these commentaries regarding conspiracy theories involving Satan and his part in deceiving mankind to such a great extent, and yet at the same time, pretty much keeping himself out of view, especially to the leadership of this nation and others as well.

Considering how large the population of the world is, and how many have lived and died, what he has done appears to be quite an accomplishment. And yet in one sense, it hasn't been much of an accomplishment at all. In fact, it has been relatively easy because the means of persuasion are all pretty much in his favor.

First, consider this: God has given him pretty much a free access to the unconverted side of mankind. God places a barrier in such a way that his converted children are pretty much off limits to a great degree. This restriction is greatly relaxed with the unconverted. He doesn't have total freedom, but his access to them is greatly expanded.

There is a second factor that needs to be considered here, and this is the mindset of the unconverted. Every one of us is familiar with Romans 8:7:

Romans 8:7 Because the carnal mind is enmity against God; for it is not subject to the law of God, nor indeed can be.

So, we are already halfway on his side just by being unconverted. We've heard that verse so often we tend to grasp it, but maybe sometimes not as thoroughly or as emphatically as we should. Here are a couple of other translations of this verse from other Bibles:

Romans 8:7 (Revised English Bible) For the outlook of the conspiratorial nature is enmity with God.

Romans 8:7 (The New Testament in Modern English by J.B. Phillips) For the carnal attitude is inevitably opposed to the purpose of God.

Are you beginning to see how everything is tilted in Satan's direction?

Romans 8:7 (The Living Bible) The sinful nature within us is against God. It never did obey God's laws and never will.

Romans 8:7 (Moffett) For the interests of the flesh are hostile to God. They do not yield to the law of God. Indeed, they cannot.

That's pretty positive information that the means of persuasion are all on Satan's side.

If we want to look at what this verse is saying negatively, it would be easily concluded that the deck is stacked against mankind and in favor of our enemy. But do not forget, God is in the picture. God has His reasons, and things will eventually work out in His favor to His glory and ours. So in the meanwhile, we must faithfully deal with the way things are and work within the parameters that God has set. God has made this means open to Satan and we have to deal with it.

What I want us to grasp is why Satan has so easily accomplished his aim to deceive all of mankind. If you want to grasp with stark clarity how easy it is to deceive and manipulate the carnal mind into sin, I want you to consider for a moment how easily Satan got Adam and Eve to sin. They sinned, brethren, at the first opportunity, despite the fact that they saw God with their own eyes, walked and talked with Him in the very place that He designed and built for them and in which He personally instructed them as to their responsibilities. They already had a relationship with God. It was not a converted relationship, but there was a relationship there.

But apparently, on the first occasion the serpent showed himself to them with the intent to bring them down, Eve was quickly deceived, and it seems, almost without thought, took the serpent's deceitful and murderous suggestion. Adam, though not deceived by the manipulation of Satan's words, nonetheless, apparently again without resistance, quickly allowed Eve's example to persuade him to join her in sin. In those two, all of mankind sinned on the very first attack of the enemy. Do you begin to get the picture of how easy it is for us to sin, and how we must be on guard?

Those two set the pattern for all of their progeny, Jesus Christ excepted, of course, seeing that He was also their Son through Mary, so it can be done. Satan's conquest was as easy as apple pie, as the saying goes. Thus, another biblical principle comes into play: A little leaven leavens the whole lump. Once sin began in Eden, Adam's and Eve's children spread it everywhere they moved.

Ironic, isn't it, that a woman is the means through which sin and death (which is the wages of sin) enters the world, and 4,000 years later, another young woman is the means through which mankind's Savior enters the world to pay the penalty and to give life.

Satan has used these two principles that I've mentioned to accomplish the degeneration of the moral, spiritual, and ethical standards of the cultures of the Western world. The process goes something like this, and it is repeated generation after generation. Here is what he has been doing, especially, I believe, these past 600 or so years. He will raise up a charismatic leader, as I mentioned in my last commentary—a Nephilim, primarily a secular educational leader, a philosopher, but sometimes a religious leader, to shepherd those who will follow.

Satan will then bring others with leadership abilities into various capacities within the culture, most especially in education, in the political arena, in economics, in manufacturing, and religion, to follow the original philosopher/shepherd/Nephilim. Those leaders will then spearhead the anti-God secular teaching far and wide throughout the culture by adopting the philosophers' original teachings and adapting them to their field of expertise. They, in turn, will also attract others to follow them. You see the leaven is spreading. Thus, the leavening principal moves into lively action, spreading the corruption everywhere.



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