sermon: Psalms: Book One (Part Six)

Psalm 23
Richard T. Ritenbaugh
Given 27-Apr-19; Sermon #1485; 73 minutes

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We have learned through painful experience that humans cannot be trusted due to their carnal nature. Hence, we become cynical. However, we can trust our Creator and Sustainer without reservation. Book I of the Psalms (made up of Psalm 1 through 41 and summarized by Psalm 146, expresses David's sterling trust in the Almighty in the face of betrayal by humans. Because of the testimony of all creation, displaying God's power, sovereignty, design and providence, we can recognize His love for us, enabling us to give Him our unqualified trust as He carefully prepares experiences which enable our spiritual growth. The most well-known Psalm, the 23rd, depicts the gratitude we should display, but from the sheep's point of view, as the animal boasts of His incredible blessings and marvels about the extraordinary care demonstrated by his Shepherd. As God's called-out ones, we must replicate the gratitude of the sheep, recognizing that Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd (John 10), who will lead us through the changing seasons of our lives, feeding us, defending us, guiding us around obstacles and dangers, gently correcting and discipling us, giving His life to save us, preparing an eternal and fitting role for us in His family. Psalm 23 depicts our vital need to have faith in all of God's promises.

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